LP History

LP’s history began in 1927 when Archie Granata launched Granata/Lucini Insurance and Real Estate in Reno, Nevada. Soon, Archie’s nephew, Guido F. “Red” Lucini, joined him and the name changed to Lucini & Associates. Eventually Remo Fratini and Bob Bowers became part of the team. Several decades later, in 1967, Red and Remo were joined by James (Jim) E. Talbott.

Lucini & Associates was originally located on California Avenue in Reno but moved to Moana Lane where we shared a building with Parish Company. Lucini eventually purchased Parish in 1985, becoming Lucini/Parish Insurance where Bill Parish became a partner. Lucini/Parish ultimately emerged as a leading regional brokerage, with seven offices and more than 160 employees; it grew to become one of the top 100 brokerages in the U.S. During the 1980s, current LP principals and founders; Joe Wyatt and Rich Bullard joined IMS (Insurance Management Services) and Mike Talbott and Nick Rossi joined Lucini/Parish Insurance.

In 1998, Jim Talbott sold his share back to Lucini/Parish and Nick Rossi became the majority stock holder. LP founder, John DeRicco joined Lucini/Parish in 1999. Later, in 2003, the company purchased IMS bringing Nick, Mike, John, Joe and Rich together. They were bought by Greater Bay Bank Corporation, owner of ABD Insurance, in 2005 and in 2007; Greater Bay was purchased by Wells Fargo, creating Wells Fargo Insurance Services of Nevada.

In 2010 LP principals, Nick, Joe, John, Mike and Rich along with Lloyd Barnes and Joe Kulikowski, bought out of Wells Fargo and founded LP Insurance Services, LLC. In 2012, LP welcomed principals Joey Kreutzian (personal insurance expert) and John Bolce in the Sacramento, California area. Later, in 2013, LP opened the Elko, Nevada office and purchased a Hub International-affiliated office in Las Vegas, welcoming principal, Greg Pike.

In 2014, LP Insurance purchased a Hub International-affiliated office in Truckee, CA. welcoming our principal, Randy House. We opened a Phoenix office in late 2015. In 2016 we welcomed new principals, Lindsay Minor, Kevin Monaghan and Tina Perchetti. LP Insurance also purchased McMullen Insurance in Elko and named John Smales and Trinity Steelman principals. In 2017, we welcomed John Malamphy, Jared Banes, and Tim Holland as shareholders. Most recently, we added Vince Barrett (after purchasing Barrett Insurance) and Jean Ann Morris (Phoenix) as shareholders.

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