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100% Reimbursement is One Special Event

Jan 07, 2014|by LP Insurance Services, LLC.

100% Reimbursement is One Special Event
Our Las Vegas managing partner, Greg Pike, made sure his special event client received a full claim reimbursement years before the loss even occurred. How did he do it? He did it through diligence around risk management, loss control and by knowing his client.

The LP Service Difference
We are service providers. We seek to build a relationship, providing products that fulfill your insurance needs. Asking the right questions, offering solutions to business challenges and providing support services such as risk management and loss control is what makes LP unique. How we work for you… 

LP’s special event client installed and configured a large event tent at a local outdoor entertainment venue. The client had been renting the tent to the venue for quite some time when a rare but forceful microburst damaged it beyond repair. However, it was Greg’s diligence around risk management and loss control years before which saved the customer today.   

When LP first began to insure the event company, we reviewed their business needs, their unique industry requirements and their overall risk. Included in our services is a complete diagnostic analysis and audit with conversations, coverage reviews and needs assessments; emphasizing our additional training and risk management support. In that process, Greg and his team made sure to tighten the client’s rental contracts to reflect greater protection in the event of a loss. It was that tightening which helped the client get reimbursed today.

After the microburst, it appeared that the tent’s renter did not wish to file a claim. Armed with many years of industry knowledge and knowing that the rental agreements protected his client, Greg and his team stepped in and began researching ways to make sure the client was properly reimbursed.

After reviewing all the company’s policies including the policies of the renter, Greg worked with his customer and the renter’s agent to submit a full claim to the renter’s insurance carrier. Several hours of due diligence including submitting estimates and photos to the carrier were completed by Greg and his team.

The completed claim was submitted to the renter’s carrier and was promptly paid in full – totaling more than $100,000. In addition, LP hopes to recover lost business revenue on behalf of our special event customer.

Earning the Relationship
The event production company owner has been a long-time client of LP mostly because of the service and peace of mind he gets from working with our team, “Greg is simply phenomenal! He calmed me down; handling everything from soup to nuts and planning ahead on my behalf.” He added, “The LP team made the process as painless as possible, actually saving me productivity costs by dealing with the whole situation for me. Greg literally delivered – hand-delivering me the reimbursement check. Thanks!”