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Concrete Results

Mar 20, 2015|by LP Insurance Services, LLC.

A large precast concrete company knows using LP Insurance’s Risk Management team gets solid results. In a recent situation, LP’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Consultant was able to manage through a claim resulting in a reserve reduction savings of potentially $70,000 – and fast!

An employee thought an injury was work-related and filed a worker’s compensation claim.

Our LP team took action helping to secure proper medical evaluation and review, in addition to facilitating the claims processes and filings. After a complete medical assessment, it was determined that the employee’s condition was not work-related.

Typically, a claim such as this would span 3 months or more, however, because of the diligence and commitment of our Claims Consultant on behalf of our client, the entire process took just over 2 weeks. After the claim result was rendered, our team helped the client evaluate physical abilities versus physical demand as well as return to work options, ultimately leading to the client’s satisfactory resolution. 

Company Words…

… I want to let you know that the efforts of our LP Claims Consultant were the majority of effort in managing this case. She saved us over $70,000 with this claim. She is truly outstanding with new ideas that are out of the box and work! … (Director of Safety)

The LP Service Difference
We are service providers. We seek to build a relationship while providing products that fulfill your insurance needs. Asking the right questions, offering solutions to challenges and providing support services – such as highly skilled claims management/work comp experts – is what makes LP unique.