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Getting a Head Start on Safety

Sep 16, 2014|by LP Insurance Services, LLC.

Several of Nevada’s charitable entities are LP clients but one southern Nevada children’s charity group is really getting a head start on their safety with the help of LP sales executive, Jane Anthony and our Enterprise Risk Management Safety Consultant, Lee Wilson.

Recently the children’s charity found themselves with their annual safety rating falling due to increasing workers’ compensation claims and safety liability issues. The result of those issues led to tens of thousands of dollars in increased premiums.

When this particular charity went looking for answers to help mitigate their ever-increasing premiums, Jane was able to assess their issues and call on her colleague, Lee to help get the group back on track. The bottom line is increased claims caused their rating to become increasingly poor which caused their rates to go up along with their costs. 

Lee began a rigorous process of inspecting and evaluating all 12 locations. He put together a plan to help increase awareness, safety and compliance and continues to help the organization implement much-needed changes in an effort to get their costs back down by enhancing their national rating. He provides on-site training and follow-up evaluations to the group. 

According to the Executive Director and Jane, Lee is much appreciated. His programs have brought hope and a sense of support to the group. His expertise brings a level of professionalism to the organization and encourages everyone within the charity’s team to focus more on safety, responsibility and accountability. 

The LP Service Difference
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