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Unique Conditions

Is there something outside of auto and home that needs coverage? Well luckily, we can write policies for those things too. Very rarely in life do things fall perfectly into boxes, and insurance is no exception. There is coverage for just about every situation you could imagine. Our brokers are here to help you determine what you might need insurance for.


All-encompassing, umbrella insurance can cover you for those weird, once-in-a-lifetime situations that you never thought were going to happen. There are several possible scenarios that can exceed the limits you chose for your insurance policy, and a lot of the time you can be personally responsible for any outstanding financial charges.


Umbrella insurance could cover:

  • Dog Bites or Attacks
  • Property Damage Done to Others Property
  • Falsely Arrested
  • Libel or Slander Lawsuits


While this insurance is not included by default, it can be added by request.

Private Client

Do you own things that you would like special coverage for? Or are you a high-profile member of society and not sure which direction to go? We can help customize insurance coverage to make sure you are covered in all aspects of your life. Whether it be high net-worth, kidnap/ransom, super yachts, fine art, jewelry or jewels, musical instruments, or other precious materials, our expert team of brokers can help you design a plan to ensure you and your belongings are covered.

At LP Insurance Services we pride ourselves on helping our clients find the best coverage for any unique situation.